Indie Artist Spotlight: DeadSin ‘The Protest EP’

Deadsin The Protest EP cover

In a year that has been extremely difficult for the gig economy, it is a bright spot any time there is new rock music to listen to. It is always exciting to discover new bands that have that “it” factor, too. Enter DeadSin, a Christ-centered rock band from Fort Worth Texas formed in 2020. They released their debut 3-song EP The Protest on November 27.

The project features raw and spiritually-focused lyrics and a musical style ranging from hard rock to a grunge/alternative feel.

“Wrath” is the opener and probably the heaviest and darkest song on the album. There is an angry dissonance in each verse, lyrically containing warnings of things that pull us away from God. The chorus resolves both musically and in its message of hope found in God.

The wrath and fury of his holy name
The sins of man, the guilt must be paid
The end is so close, the earth cries in pain
Jesus holy in your grace, please remember me

“Recreate” is an upbeat rocker with driving bass and a song about seeking and finding grace of forgiveness and second chances to be used by God.

The brightest chords and riffy guitars are found on the closer. “Elevate” is a catchy tune about being made into a better person, and the hooky chorus is easy to sing along to.

Aside from being just three songs, this debut from DeadSin demonstrates a band with staying power in the rock scene. Impressive vocals met with well-produced and quality musicianship, this EP belongs in regular rotation.

Find The Protest EP on Spotify and Apple Music.

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