“I’m Tired of Tithing My Heart”: Rethinking Worship

Gable Price and Friends

True worship is bringing grief, doubt, and all the complexities of life, and using them all to point the way back to God: for others and, often, for ourselves.

Understanding Joy by Experiencing Struggle: “The Consequence of Being Alive” by Gable Price & Friends

Gable Price and Friends Consequences of Being Alive album cover

Each song on The Consequence of Being Alive brings something new to the table. Lyrically, Gable Price and Friends cleverly handle walking through the stress life brings, detailing the love felt in life while honestly grappling with the loss that is inevitable. By making their music so accessible, this group has ensured their message is heard loud and clear: "Yeah, you live and love and lose, and that's the consequence of being alive."