Beneath The Skin Launches Subgroup

The non-profit organization Beneath the Skin has launched a subgroup specifically designed for men to support other men. The group is called Men Supporting Men, and you can find it by clicking here.

Beneath the Skin is a non-profit founded by Brittany Mullins, who often works closely with her husband Matty’s band Memphis May Fire to spread resources, merchandise and messages of hope to those in the broader music community. Mentorship is a key part of their structure.

In a post about the new group on Facebook, the organization shared “We our extremely excited to announce that we’ve just launched a male-inclusive subgroup of Beneath The Skin; Men Supporting Men! This group was created to provide a space for the men of Beneath The Skin to find support from other men while also supporting each other.”

You can find out more about Beneath the Skin at, and find them on Facebook and Instagram for encouraging content.

The creation of the subgroup fills a crucial and timely need in the mental health community. Over 75% of deaths caused by suicide in the U.S. are men, with societal stigma making it harder to get support and help. If you or someone you love is struggling, you can find a list of resources here.

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