Fireflight Prepares To Release New Single ‘Die Free’ Featuring Kevin Young of Disciple

fireflight 2018

Fireflight will be releasing “Die Free” on August 11, a new single featuring Kevin Young of Disciple. The single is their second of 2018, following up “I Won’t Look Back.”

The single continues to mark an era of Fireflight that sees a return to their rock roots, less touring and a one single at a time approach. Taking things at their own pace and embracing the independent model has allowed Fireflight to tackle some of their weightiest subject matter yet.

“All of our attention is so completely captured by the fool’s gold surrounding us, that we have become dulled to the voice of God and His great calling for our lives,” lead singer Dawn Michele says of the song’s message. “It’s time to wake up and realize that this world has nothing for us, only the power and love of God can ever fulfill the desires of our hearts and minds.”

FireFlight_DieFree_single art

Look for “Die Free” on radio and all digital retailers starting August 11. In the meantime, make sure you’re following Fireflight on Facebook, SpotifyInstagram and Twitter.

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