Beartooth Announces ‘Disease’

Beartooth has announced the details of Disease, their third studio album. Disease will be releasing on September 28, and you can hear two songs, “Disease” and “Bad Listener,” now.

The album is available for preorder at Beartooth has announced an accompanying tour in support of the full album, and you can see the full list of dates on their Facebook.

In a feature piece with Alt Press about the upcoming album, frontman Caleb Shomo took a deeper dive into what you can expect from Disease: “What makes a Beartooth album good is that I am willing to go to these places that I don’t want to go to myself and create the inner monologue. That’s what people relate to and what they connect to… There were songs we didn’t use simply because of the subject matter. But that’s the point: capturing those dark inner moments. That was the biggest eureka moment making this thing.”

It’s an approach that follows naturally from Disgusting and Aggressive, albums that dive deep into Shomo’s own mental health struggles, spirituality and the hard path to sobriety. You can watch the video for “Disease” below.

To keep up with Beartooth as they head into this new album cycle, find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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