A Unified Anthem: “Die Free” by Fireflight

In the course of their career, Fireflight has explored all over the musical map. From rock and roll to electronic, from time on a major label to pioneering independent ground, it’s undeniable that Fireflight are experienced in their craft. And yet, even with all of that ground behind them, their new single “Die Free” might be their best venture yet.

The core message of “Die Free” is simple: it is a declaration, a refusal to live chained down by the harmful dictators of our culture. That anti-system kind of approach is quintessentially rock and roll, and the musical style matches. A blistering lead vocal from Dawn Michele is built around a chugging guitar riff. Kevin Young from Disciple offers a guest vocal on the bridge, his signature in-your-face style perfectly complementing the message.


“Die Free” is tight and coherent, every element serving to shore up the core concept. And beyond that, it’s just a lot of fun to listen to– and headbang to. There is an energy to this song that proves that Fireflight is exactly where they need to be, and as rock listeners, we are lucky to be along for the ride.

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