Remedy Drive Album Cover Becomes Topic of Flat Earthers Debate

Remedy Drive issued an unlikely statement this week in response to flat earthers connecting their album cover to a blog by astronaut Chris Hadfield.

Chris Hadfield is a Canadian astronaut who recently reposted a blog from NASA about the crew on the International Space Station patching a hole with epoxy and duct tape (read the blog in question here). A stock photo of a hull puncture originally accompanied the tweet for illustration–and the stock photo just happened to be the same one Remedy Drive used to represent a bullet hole on the cover of their 2014 counter-trafficking album Commodity.

Soon both Hadfield and Remedy Drive were receiving social media feedback from flat earthers who believed the old image’s pairing with the next blog post to be a part of ongoing NASA cover-ups. Remedy Drive singer David Zach posted a statement to the band’s pages, saying “I am disappointed for you that our album cover photo is not the smoking gun against NASA that you all hoped for. We used a Creative Commons photo for our Commodity album signifying the first lyric on the first song ‘I don’t need a bandaid for my bullet hole.’ We’re a rock and roll band that using our songs and our time to combat human trafficking.”

Zach went on to graciously offer the flat earthers free copies of the Commodity album, also offering an email address where he welcome ongoing conversation. “I still think the earth is really really old and I think our planet is spherical. I’d love for you to change my mind though. I’m I have a lot of respect for you all and wish you the best.”

The conversation has continued in Facebook comments, and on Twitter where Remedy Drive tweeted “The events that led up to an Astronaut tweeting at us are remarkable. Dig in if you haven’t. It’s a deep rabbit hole.”

The accidental flat earth society conversation has occurred as David Zach is in Latin America on his latest in ongoing counter-trafficking missions via The Exodus Road. To learn more about the work of Remedy Drive (and to join in on the flat earth conversation), visit their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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