Strength in Conviction: ‘Strong + Brave’ by Adelaide

Adelaide has been steadily gaining steam on Christian rock charts and stages nationwide, and with good reason. The band’s steady centering on a guitar-based sound paired with singer Adelaide’s compelling alto create a combination rarely heard on recent release calendars. But more than their sound, Adelaide is focused on their mission.

That much is clear on their latest song, “Strong + Brave.” This anthem holds up hope and truth in the form of Jesus, urging “We are here, united / And we won’t be silent / We raise our banner and we won’t deny it / We’ll face the day strong and brave.”

The rock groove and vocal style harken back to the best of bands like Barlow Girl or Benjamin Gate. It fills an important musical role in our contemporary music scene, but more importantly offers true conviction of the source of our strength and courage.

Hear “Strong + Brave” on Spotify or iTunes.

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