John Cooper’s Fight the Fury Releases First Single and EP Preorder

John Cooper of Skillet’s recently announced heavy side project Fight the Fury has released their first song today, along with making the preorder for an EP available. The song is titled “My Demons,” from five song EP Still Breathing, and you can buy both on iTunes by clicking here.

The rest of the project’s tracklist includes songs like “Dominate Me” and “Still Burning–” titles that would continue to suggest that this will be the heaviest music we’ve heard from John Cooper for years. “My Demons” has just enough of a melodic edge that rock radio should be thrilled to hear it, while fans of Skillet’s heavier days will be excited to hear John screaming again over some heavy riffs by Seth Morrison.

The new song has come quickly behind the announcement of the band’s formation and news that their first tour will take place in Russia this winter. Fight the Fury is comprised of John Cooper (Skillet), Seth Morrison (Skillet), John Panzer II (formerly We Are Leo) and Jared Ward.

For the full list of Russia tour dates, find Fight the Fury on Facebook. You can also follow them on Instagram and Twitter, or sign up for their official email list.

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