Andrew Schwab of Project 86 Launches Podcast

Andrew Schwab

Andrew Schwab, frontman and mastermind behind hard rock veterans Project 86, has announced that he is launching a podcast titled Pioneers Podcast: Finding Your Creative Voice.

The podcast will be supported through direct fan-to-creator support system Patreon. At present, Schwab is a fifth of the way to his goal for initial launch.

“21 years ago I set out on a professional creative journey to pursue my passion to create meaningful, unique art through heavy music. That journey has taken me through every beautiful and dark corner of the music industry, as well as across the globe on tour,” Andrew Schwab explains on the campaign page. “In recent years, my creative endeavors have expanded beyond the musical realm. I have written seven books on various subjects-from finding your spiritual identity, to our culture’s obsession with fame, to life in a touring band. I spent time as a journalist for the music industry, writing for Alternative Press Magazine, Paste, Time/Life, and many others… Along the way I have accumulated many stories, and many rich experiences, which, until now, I have had no forum to share them.”

The podcast will feature conversations between Schwab and fellow creatives in a variety of fields, telling their stories and offering practical advice along the way. In addition to many tiers of monthly support available, the first 250 Patreons will get a personal phone call with Andrew. “Think of this as your monthly offering to support not just me, but the artistic, god-given dreams of all who would listen,” Schwab concludes.

You can support the podcast by visiting its Patreon page. You can also fellow Andrew Schwab and all of his artistic endeavors on Facebook and Twitter.


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