Remedy Drive Frontman David Zach Takes His Family to Human Trafficking Frontlines

Remedy Drive lead singer and songwriter David Zach and his family are currently in Southeast Asia working with organizations that help rehabilitate survivors of human trafficking.

The Zach family posed for a photograph prior to boarding a flight from Chicago on Tuesday, October 9. “We’re visiting Agape International Mission in Cambodia,” David Zach said in an email to Remedy Drive’s listeners. “Some of the girls they are working with make our bands’ t-shirts and some of the jewelry we sell at concerts. They also make our elephant pants and kimonos.”

Remedy Drive has been advocates in the fight against human trafficking since 2012, raising around $350,000 in donation to counter trafficking organization in partnership with The Exodus Road, according to their website.

The Exodus Road is an organization dedicated to fighting against human trafficking founded in 2012 by Matt and Laura Parker, centered on the belief that justice is in the hands of ordinary people. When the band is not touring, David Zach volunteers as an undercover operative, helping The Exodus Road to rescue close to 900 individuals from slavery and arrest close to 400 traffickers so far. Now Zach is taking his wife and kids along for the mission. “My kids are going to get to see the impact of some of my work and some of the streets I’ve worked on in the past,” he said.

The Remedy Drive store includes merchandise handmade by survivors of trafficking and helps fund organizations helping to rehabilitate and restore women who have been exploited. Zach explained the purpose of the trip, which includes picking up additional merchandise to stock the store. “We’re visiting Rapha House where we get all our elephants from, Sauk Sam where we get a lot of clothes [and] Night Light in Bangkok where we buy jewelry from.”

The North Star, the latest album from Remedy Drive, was praised by Rock On Purpose founder Mary Nikkel as being “sonically confident rock and roll tracks urging listeners on toward a gospel that moves, that takes the hand and meets the eyes of the oppressed without looking away.”

Remedy Drive has garnered 10 Top 20 singles and released 11 critically acclaimed recordings since David and his three brothers formed the band in 1998.

Keep up with David Zach and his family on their journey to Southeast Asia by following him on Instagram, and learn more about Remedy Drive on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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