Spoken Tells Fans Tenth Album in the Works for 2019 Release

Spoken front man Matt Baird took to Facebook live on Sunday evening to tell fans that “album number ten is in the works.”

Baird discussed a range of topics with viewers, including some of the songs that are in the works. “Right now there are some really heavy songs, some mid tempo riff rock songs, but there’s not a ballad yet,” he said.

The album, for which recording will begin this week in Nashville, TN,  is expected to drop sometime in 2019, according to Baird.

At the end, he thanked fans for their support while encouraging them to seek help and speak up if they are going through any life challenges: “You can go to heartsupport.com, contact your local church or a friend if you’re having a hard time.”

Since their formation in 1997, Spoken has gone through steady lineup changes, with Matt Baird now bringing in studio and touring musicians in order to keep Spoken going strong. They released their aptly-named ninth album, IX, in September 2017.

Keep up with Spoken by visiting their website or following them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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