12 Stones Guitarist Eric Weaver Suffers Life Threatening Medical Condition

12 Stones guitarist and bassist Eric Weaver recently went through a life threatening medical condition that landed him in the ICU for several days, and the band is asking for prayer and financial help from family, friends and supporters.

In a post on Facebook, the alternative rock group shared a GoFundMe campaign set up by lead singer Paul McCoy, where he states that Weaver “is lucky to be alive” and that “the medical bills will be overwhelming to say the least and being a professional musician doesn’t pay the bills like it used to.” As of the time of this writing, they had successfully raised $3,500 toward a goal of $10,000.

12 Stones released their self-titled debut on Wind-Up Records and most recently their fifth studio album, Picture Perfect, dropped in July 2017.

Keep up with Eric Weaver and 12 Stones by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

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