Disciple Accepting Auditions for Fill-In Guitarists Following Andrew Stanton’s Final Show

Andrew Stanton of Disciple by Mary Nikkel

As Disciple guitarist Andrew Stanton has now played his final show in Germany at Christmas Rock Night, the veteran rock band has announced that they are accepting auditions for guitarists to play with them in 2019.

“Next year, we will be creating a lineup of guitar players to perform live shows with us throughout the year. We are now accepting video auditions to fill these roles!” Disciple announced in a Facebook post. Applicants are invited to perform “First Love” and “Long Live the Rebels,” both with their respective guitar solos, and to add “Regime Change” for a bonus. Another bonus is if the player can also sing background vocals.

Disciple also said that all prospective guitar players must have adequate transportation to and from Nashville as well as being at least 18 years of age. Videos can be submitted to discipleband@gmail.com.

Andrew Stanton’s last show with the band was the evening of December 8, playing to an enthusiastic crowd in Ennepetal, Germany. “Lord, I hope I did well, I hope I did what was right, I hope you will forgive the wrong,” Stanton shared in his final farewell post. “In any case I know that one thing remained throughout, I felt at home when I felt your presence. As I walk off into the touring horizon please bring that love and that warmth to my family and my new house for all days.”

To keep up with Disciple as they enter the studio and bring on a new guitarist in 2019, find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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