Skillet Announces Pre-order For Graphic Novel Authored By John Cooper

The Skillet machine continues to fire on all cylinders in 2019, and the portfolio is growing more and more diverse with each new project.

The latest endeavor is a graphic novel written by John Cooper called Eden: A Skillet Graphic Novel, in partnership with Z2 Comics. Illustration for the graphic novel were created by Chris Hunt. The graphic novel is available for pre-order immediately and will release on August 27.

According to a description on the Amazon product page, the story is a futuristic tale about John and Korey Cooper teaming up with cyborg Jen and ex-soldier Seth to hunt down zealots who stole a protective machine. They’re releasing images of the characters one at a time on Instagram.

Skillet is also juggling Ledger and Fight the Fury side projects, getting ready to head out on tour with Breaking Benjamin, making new music and recently launched a podcast with John Cooper himself.

In addition, John Cooper recently launched a beard product line and Korey Cooper collaborated in writing with Lacey Sturm for Lacey’s upcoming project.

If it’s possible, keep up with everything going on in the Skillet universe by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or by visiting their official website.

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