August Burns Red Announces Constellations Tour With Silent Planet

August Burns Red

Pennsylvania native hard rock outfit August Burns Red (ABR) announced today that they will be heading out on a 10 year anniversary tour commemorating their third album, Constellations, which was released in 2009.

Joining them on tour will be heavy metal band Silent Planet and Canadian rockers Silverstein.

Silent Planet shared the tour dates in a post on social media, saying “Stoked to let you know that we are going to be ripping some gigs alongside August Burns Red.”

The 10 Years of Constellations tour will kick off in Lancaster, PA, the hometown of ABR, on June 20 and will crisscross the United States and Canada while hitting over 40 cities before ending in the Big Apple of New York City on August 11.

Silent Planet, perhaps best known for their story telling depth and thematic projects, recently released When The End Began, their third full length project.

For tour information and to see a complete list of dates and cities, visit the official website of August Burns Red.  Keep up with Silent Planet by visiting them at Learn more about Silverstein, named after the famous children’s author Shel Silverstein, by visiting their website.

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