Lacey Sturm Launches Preorder for the ‘Reflect Love Back Soundtrack’

This week, Lacey Sturm launched the preorder for the Reflect Love Back Soundtrack, a group of songs birthed from the same devotional space that resulted in her Reflect Love Back study.

All preorders come with an instant download of the song “The Return.” You can preorder the project here.

“These songs came out of just sitting still with God, meditating on scripture. I wanted to show people the beautiful things that come out of making it a habit to meet with God in the morning and evening,” Lacey explained in an email to fans.

Another way the songs are closely tied to the study is that Lacey chose to incorporate background vocals from members of the community that grew around the devotional series. “It was important to me to capture what God was doing in the hearts of some of our Reflect Love Back community as they sang along as well,” Lacey said. “You will hear their voices soaring throughout the songs. I believe each one of the voices on this album has an important aspect of God’s heart to bring into the world.”

The raw, stripped back project will be the first from former Flyleaf singer Lacey Sturm since 2015’s Life Screams. For continued updates on Lacey’s music, tour dates, and writing ventures, find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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