Zahna Prepares for Kidney Transplant

In an emotional live video to fans this evening, Zahna announced to fans, friends, and family that she will be getting a kidney transplant on May 17.

The singer has shared before about her health struggles surrounding Medullary Kidney Disease, and the transplant is the culmination of ongoing difficulties over the past two years. In the video, Zahna shared that miraculously, her mother is a match for donating– and will be donating close to Mother’s Day, giving her daughter life all over again.

Zahna assured her fans also that she will be doing her absolute best to make all of her summer shows and commitments, but warned in advance that some June commitments might have to change. She also invited fans into praying with and for her on the transplant date and also in recovery. If you’re led to donate at all toward her medical costs, you can donate through PayPal to, Venmo to @suzymadsen, and Cash app to $suzymadsen.

To share your words of encouragement and prayers with Zahna, find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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