Skillet’s ‘Unleashed’ is Certified Gold

Skillet just announced that their album Unleashed has been certified gold. Unleashed was released two and a half years ago and has been played on nine different tours and in over 23 countries.

To be certified gold by the RIAA, an album has to sell over 500,000 units– a rare feat in the age of streaming. The album is highlighted by tracks like “Feel Invincible,” “The Resistance,” and “Back from the Dead.”

Skillet just returned from performing several dates in Russia and has announced yet another tour, The Victorious War Tour, with Sevendust. They also have announced their new record Victorious for release later this year, launching the first track off that upcoming album, titled “Legendary.” 

Skillet has had a busy year that’s not slowing down any time soon. To keep up with current tour dates, releases, and photos, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the official Skillet Website. You can also view our most recent ROP Photo Gallery.

This post contributed by Sharayah Franklin.

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