SILVERSYDE Launches Pre-Order For Upcoming Album, Drops Lead Single

Rockfest Records hard rock act SILVERSYDE is ramping up for their debut release on the label by launching pre-orders, unveiling album artwork, and sharing the lead single for In The Dark.

The band announced that pre-orders are available now at for their debut Rockfest Records release, slated for July 26. The lead single, “March of the Saints,” was unveiled in a live Facebook video.

Earlier, the band updated their profile picture to reveal the cover art.  The album hype comes as SILVERSYDE embarks on the Summer Rockfest Tour.

SILVERSYDE has a mission of helping people find “Hope, Eternity, Love and Purity” (how they define HELP) through passionate, raw and gripping lyrics. They released Circus Circus in 2011 independently (Spotify, Apple Music) and most recently dropped a 6-song EP, Casting Shadows, in 2015.

Keep up with SILVERSYDE by following them on Facebook.

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