Convictions Begins New Chapter As John Fleischmann Steps Down

Convictions has announced that vocalist and bass player as well as founding member John Fleischmann has stepped down from the band on the heels of a summer tour featuring Earth Groans. They’ve heralded the new era with the release of the single “Hurricane.”

“As some of you may already know, John has stepped down from Convictions,” the band said in a social media post. “The road had become too taxing on his health, and he has decided to focus on photography. He is our brother for life, and we wish him all the success in the world.”

Fleischmann’s role as bassist and vocalist will be filled by Danyal Suchta, who has been working with the band over the last year in studio and on tours. He will join the band starting July 16 as Convictions hits the road in support of Oh Sleeper’s headlining tour.

The new single featuring Suchta on bass and vocals released on July 19. You can hear the track below.

Convictions was formed in Ohio in 2012 and has been called an “aggressive worship” metal band as their heavy music features deeply spiritual themes lyrically. They released their third LP, Hope For The Broken, in June 2018.

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