Firsthand Hope: Love Lay Silent

There’s a new metal core band arriving on the scene– and you are not going to want to miss them.  

Love Lay Silent is made up of three brothers: singer/screamer Isaac “Ike” Naselli, guitarist Asa “Hyde” Naselli, and drummer Ethan Naselli. The band is based out of Chicago and has been playing shows throughout the midwest this summer, and they are scheduled to perform at Pitfest in Jonesboro, IN later this month.

Inspired both musically and lyrically by bands such as Wage War, Of Mice & Men, Sleeping With Sirens, and Memphis May Fire, the band worked with producers Jacob Jones (As We Ascend) and Robert Venable on their self-titled EP, which released in June of 2018.  Check out the high energy music video for their single “The Game” below.

As Love Lay Silent aspires to release a full length album in the future. Ike shared, “the band has been doing a lot of the songwriting as a group, but typically Hyde or myself will have lyrical or instrumental ideas for a song as well as some vision of what the song should accomplish emotionally, spiritually, physically even, and then we’ll work from there.”

The band’s music is generally aggressive, but brings a side of melody and clarity. While the heavier parts of songs focus on the depression and pain that members of the band have experienced firsthand and seen in the lives of those around them, the more melodic parts offer hope. This makes their music intriguing to anyone who is in search of that message of hope, and also for those who are just looking for a good breakdown.

Be sure to stay tuned for more from Love Lay Silent!  You can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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