Manafest Launches Campaign For New Album ‘This Is Not The End’

Manafest has launched a new kickstarter to support his next project, This Is Not The End. You can find the campaign at

“The battle that you may be fighting right now is not going to take you out but make you stronger. The best is yet to come as long as you don’t give up,” Manafest shares about the theme behind the new album. “We are info overloaded and truth starved generation. Music allows me to open up conversations and talk about issues that are currently going on in our society.”

Manafest is a pro at the fan-funded, independent artist path by this point, releasing Reborn (2015) and Stones (2017) under that model. In addition to pioneering the rap-and-rock fusion sound, Manafest has also been vocal about what he’s learned about operating as a business man in an often difficult industry. He has also penned a book about his story, titled Fighter.

Even with such a long list of achievements, Manafest knows there is still more for him to communicate with fans. “I have written about specific topics for the first time unashamedly to be a voice to encourage people,” he says of the upcoming album. He also shared that he’s working with some familiar faces: Trevor McNevan (Thousand Foot Krutch, I Am The Storm), Ryan Clark (Demon Hunter), Joe Rickard (In Flames, RED), and Doug Weier (Skillet, Anberlin, Decyfer Down).

Be a part of the campaign to launch the album, or keep up with all things that Manafest is cooking up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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