Zahna Shares Flyleaf Sessions

Zahna continues to work on new projects this fall while recovering from a recent kidney transplant. Recently, she took some time to reflect on a crossroads in her career in 2017.

Her former group, ILIA, disbanded in 2016, which led to Madsen creating a Flyleaf sessions video while deciding whether to pursue a solo career. “I made an audition video after ILIA broke up,” she told Rock On Purpose. Flyleaf went on hiatus in 2016 after Kristen May left the band to focus on her family. In the YouTube video, which Zahna shared again today, she covers “I’m So Sick,” “Cassie,” “Circle,” and “Again.”

“I really enjoyed covering ‘Circle’ because it was challenging and the melody and lyrics are beautiful,” Suzy Madsen told us. Ultimately, she decided that she would be happier as a solo artist. “So I went forward with Zahna,” she said.  “I think it worked out.”

We here at Rock On Purpose have enjoyed rocking out to Red For War and can’t wait to hear more, but let’s be honest: who doesn’t love seeing their favorite current artist covering fan favorites from the past?

We hope you enjoy the Zahna “Flyleaf Sessions” as much as we do.

Keep up with Zahna by visiting or following her on Facebook and Instagram.

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