To Believe: ‘Supernatural’ By Paradise Now

Tooth & Nail records has long been a staple in the rock world, bringing artists like Underoath, Thousand Foot Krutch, Anberlin, and many other acts to the fore. Among their recent additions to the label is pop rock trio Paradise Now, featuring brothers Sam and Ben Taylor along with Nathan Beaton. The band hails from the United Kingdom (Wales), and according to their bio, “their Welsh upbringing is perhaps most responsible for their dynamic sound, having introduced them to a plethora of genres by means of their local music scene.”

This month, the group dropped a fiery EP to introduce their brand of rock to the world. Supernatural is a 6-song introduction that will whet appetites and leave listeners wanting more from this dynamic band.

The title track starts with a tone-setting guitar lick that establishes this as a full on rock album. The vocals feature impressive upper range and on point harmonization. At the midway point of the tune, the band delivers a percussion feature before closing with the chorus once again.

The themes addressed on Supernatural are all about having faith in things that are hard to believe, trusting God for strength and firmly declaring that belief. The band is at its best on upbeat songs like “Young Guns” and passionate banger “Baptist.” This rocker combines a heavier guitar and drum arrangement on top of more layers of electronic elements while turning up the volume.

Their innovative muscles are flexed on “WildOnes” and “ANIMVLS” as an electronic vibe is woven into the sound while continuing to maintain the power from the usual rock instruments.

Paradise Now puts themselves squarely in the center of the Christian rock scene with this debut on Tooth & Nail Records, leaving listeners clamoring for more from this high-octane and energetic group from Wales.

Find Supernatural on Spotify and Apple Music.

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