The Sound of New Beginnings: The Evening Hate EP by RED

The Evening Hate EP from RED collects all of the songs that have released so far as part of their new independent chapter, adding one previously unreleased track with an acoustic/orchestral version of “From the Ashes.”

Even though RED fans have been living with songs like “The Evening Hate,” “From The Ashes,” and most recently the cover of Fuel’s “Hemorrhage” for a few months now, what the The Evening Hate EP offers is an important perspective on how RED is positioning themselves in this new era of their career. After announcing independence, raising $100,000 in fan support, a few short tours and major festival appearances, RED is beginning to make it clear that though their model may be different, their momentum hasn’t slowed for a moment.

“The Evening Hate” is a song of internal struggle (a hallmark theme for RED) while “From the Ashes” is a song of hope reborn from that struggle. Positioning these songs alongside their stripped back counterparts on this EP proves that RED has a strong grasp on what keeps fans coming back for more: the marriage of extremes. Light coexisting with dark. Depression birthing hope. Brutally heavy guitar riffs and screams dropping off into soul-stirring strings arrangements.

The Evening Hate EP proves that in this new era of more direct relationship with RED fans, the band is able to deliver with precision on what those fans want. Although this EP is likely to leave fans all the more eager for new tracks from the band, it also should serve as reassurance that when more songs come, they’ll present exactly the kind of sound listeners have come to know and love.

The Evening Hate EP is available on Spotify and Apple Music. For more information on this chapter of RED’s career, read our interview.

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