Brian Healy Dies of Brain Hemorrhage

Brian Healy, of Dead Artist Syndrome, died Sunday afternoon due to a massive brain hemorrhage, as reported on his Facebook page by his wife and son.

Brian was the driving force behind the Christian goth band Dead Artist Syndrome. He is considered the grandfather of Christian goth by many.  DAS’s first release, Prints of Darkness, was released in 1990 independently on Public Records, then later on Blonde Vinyl Records. It was the first gothic rock album released to mainstream Christian music. DAS went on to release a total of 6 releases.

Brian’s use of minor keys and dark lyrics garnered much controversy, and many questioned how a “Christian” could even do goth music.  He was also quick to call out the church on topics of AIDS and hypocrisy.

Brian once said “People come up to me and say ‘I don’t get your music and dark lyrics,’ to which I respond ‘Praise Jesus and I hope you never do.’”  Brian’s lyrics often expressed the pain and frustration of living in a fallen world and how hard that world can be to live in. But for the people who did “get” his music, they were a comfort to know that other people had those same thoughts and that they were not alone in their feelings.

I wish I could kiss and tell you
This is all one bad dream
That life’s always fair and wonderful
And nothing’s really as it seams
I know your heart must be breaking
You see mine’s cracked a time or two
Give me you hand and I’ll listen
And together we’ll pull through

– Brian Healy D.A.S. from the album Devils, Angels & Saints

Brian also has acting to his credit.  He was stand-in double for John Candy in several movies, including Spaceballs. In 2008, Brian was awarded Rock City News Best DJ for his DJ work in clubs and radio stations.

Brian has had previous health problems, including a 1995 heart attack, emergency gallbladder surgery, and a 2018 broken back. We’ll update this story if public memorial opportunities develop.

This post contributed by Chad Fenner

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  1. Thanks for remembering Brian. He was more than wonderful and had time to listen which is non-existent in this world. I hate this.


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