Bring The Variety Tour With Seventh Day Slumber To Your City

Seventh Day Slumber is preparing to embark on a new tour and is inviting you to be involved in helping to bring it to your city!

The band shared the following in their Facebook post:

“No longer are people’s playlists just one genre. Everyone is listening to a variety of music these days, so why not bring them a little bit of everything? We bring Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Worship, and a speaker that knows how to speak into people’s lives on a very real level. There are people dealing with depression, anxiety, and suicide in your community right now. They might not be interested in going to a new church for Sunday morning service, but a fun concert is much less intimidating for them. Once they’re enjoying the concert, their walls come down, and Jesus meets them in the middle of their painful circumstances. We’ve seen it happen all over the country, and we’re excited and passionate about what God is doing! With this concert, you could be a part of reaching hundreds of hurting people in YOUR community.

It’s so easy and affordable to bring this outreach to your community! Everything is provided, Lights, sound, 12ft LED Video Wall, and more! Intentionally priced lower to maximize ministry opportunities. All venue sizes welcome. No previous experience necessary! We will walk you through every step! Book Now!”

About the artists on tour:

Steven Malcolm was the first rapper signed to Word Records’ hip-hop imprint, 4 Against 5. Malcolm is known for pushing visual and sonic boundaries with his cinematographic eye and multi-cultural music background. One of his recent singles features Natalie Grant.

Stars Go Dim began in 2007 as a mainstream side project for Lester Estelle II and Michael “Kalel” Wittig of the band Pillar. Now signed to Curb Records, Stars Go Dim has become the moniker for pop singer/songwriter Chris Cleveland. Check out the music video for Stars Go Dim’s hit single “You are Loved” below!

Seventh Day Slumber has been a rock band for more than two decades, with 11 studio albums and 14 top hits. Frontman Joseph Rojas is the creator of the City RockFest, Summer RockFest, and Small Town America Tours. He is also the founder and president of Nashville Label Group. Joseph will serve as the speaker on this tour, bringing a message about the importance of investing in our own healing– and being ready and willing to let God heal us. Many of Seventh Day Slumber’s songs speak directly to those struggling with addiction and depression, including the band’s recent song “Sober.”

Joseph will also share about the amazing things Childfund is doing to save the lives of kids who are living in poverty.

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