Skillet’s John and Korey Cooper Welcome Colton Dixon to Atlantic Records

Billboard originally reported this week that Colton Dixon had switched record labels to Atlantic Records. Dixon was originally on Sparrow Records (a division of Capitol) after his American Idol run, but has decided to make the move to Atlantic Records while being mentored and guided by Skillet’s John and Korey Cooper. Colton will be on the Cooper’s label imprint, Hear It Loud.

This move to Atlantic will also birth Dixon’s newest album release. John and Korey have had a hand in providing feedback for this record. As reported by Billboard, Dixon is thrilled to have their input, saying,” “I’ll send music to them and John will always lean towards the more edgy stuff, which is probably to be expected, but honestly I respect their spiritual maturity as well. They bring that to the table as far whether it’s lyrical content or the meaning behind the song. They are always challenging me to dive deeper and I really appreciate that.”

Korey Cooper shared her excitement about the development as well in her Instagram story.

Dixon is releasing a single from the new record, called “Miracles,” on January 24. Keep up to date on this release, as well as any other news for this album, on Colton Dixon’s Facebook and Instagram.

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