Seventh Day Slumber Releases Lyric Video for ‘Man Down’

Seventh Day Slumber released a powerful lyric video for their newest track, “Man Down.” This song takes on mental health, specifically PTSD within the armed services. The song also went for adds at radio today.

The song was cowritten by lead singer Joseph Rojas, drummer Blaise Rojas, and Josiah Prince (Disciple). The lyrics give insight into the emotional turmoil of those are affected by PTSD, where you’re trapped in a mental prison, relieving the experiences of that trauma or event. Musically, the song is driving with guitar riffs and drums, and Joseph Rojas’s vocals ring clear. It does not hold back lyrically with the poignant lyrics:

“I can hear the screams deep inside of me
Like a siren piercing through my brain
Your insanity is my reality
Crawling out of this nightmare every day

The line “your insanity is my reality” is really pointed because that is the nature of interacting and understanding those with PTSD. Those who don’t have the condition would consider the inner battle to look like insanity, but that is in fact reality for those who deal with PTSD’s reality.

The chorus rings over and over as a call for help that shouldn’t be ignored:

Man down, we got a man down
Crying for help but I can’t make a sound
Trapped inside
My own mind

This track holds a powerful message that needs to be spread, and the lyrics as well as the closing image will stick with you.

Give the song a listen here. Follow Seventh Day Slumber on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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