Slick Shoes Included On Loudwire Top 50 List

Late 1990s and early 2000s Tooth & Nail Records staple Slick Shoes has been honored among their peers by a prominent rock and roll publication.

The punk rockers were listed at #45 by Loudwire on the top 50 greatest pop-punk albums list, according to a post on Tooth & Nail Records official Facebook page. Loudwire, an online publication covering rock and metal, included their 2000 release Wake Up Screaming on the top 50 list while fellow Tooth & Nail punk band MxPx came in at 15 with their album Life In General (1996).

The article says that Slick Shoes is “fast and relentlessly technical at times, the band somehow flaunted the cred of a punk rock band while remaining squeaky clean on Wake Up Screaming.” Among the best tracks on that album, the article says that “Angel” is “all you’ve got to hear” to appreciate the band.

To celebrate the accolade, Tooth & Nail is re-releasing Wake Up Screaming on vinyl, available through their online store.

Revisit the late 90s and early 2000s punk rock era by following Slick Shoes on Facebook.

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