UNSECRET and Manafest Drop High Octane Collaboration

Fresh off the release of This Is Not The End, which capped off 2019 in a powerful way, Manafest has already dropped his first single of the new decade: a collaboration with UNSECRET.

“Light It Up” is a high octane song with many layers of electronic energy and funky beats that will hype up a crowd for any event.

UNSECRET appears to be associated with the UNSECRET music group in Nashville, a “creative home to uncompromising artists.” The official band page has been releasing a steady stream of collaborations to kick off 2020.

In addition to being involved in this collaborative project, Manafest released a video for his single “All Time High” earlier this year. Keep up with Manafest by following him on Spotify, Apple Music, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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