Forsaken Hero Releases Remix of ‘I Will’

Forsaken Hero has released a remix of “I Will,” a partnership with Neon Feather.

Neon Feather has famously lent a hand in remixing tracks like Tobymac’s “Elements” ft. Jen Ledger of Skillet, “Defender” by Francesca Battistelli, “Maybe It’s Okay” by We Are Messengers featuring Steven Malcolm, and “Echo” by Colton Dixon. He has become one of the most prolific and sought-after remixers in faith based music.

This remix is ethereal and very catchy. It offers a pop-rock sound with that synthesizers that lend themselves to that remix sound. The lyrics are unapologetic in their message to give glory to God. That in essence is the message behind the song: to be used by God through their music, that they will follow wherever God leads. Both that message and the melody are solid. The song is going for adds at radio now.

Forsaken Hero is a newcomer to the rock world, displaying promising potential with the songs that they have released so far. Listen to their music on their Spotify, and stay up to date on their music by following their Facebook and Instagram.

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