Anchor and Braille Releases New Music Video, Has Album in the Works

Near the end of 2019 and at the beginning of 2020, rumblings started from Anchor & Braille of a new album. They posted originally in October of 2019 that the new album would be forthcoming in the spring of 2020. It was posted on their Twitter on January 15th that they were in Nashville recording LP4. It would appear that mixing and post work is being done this month, and that album artwork was finished on February 11th.

From their Twitter bio and posts, it looks like the album is going to be titled Tension. Stephen Christian, lead singer of both Anchor & Braille and Anberlin, posted on Anchor & Braille’s Instagram page pictures with French on them also alluding to “new music to come.”

While we wait for more info to drop on this album, they also released a new video for their 2012 song, “Hymn for Her” on Valentine’s Day. You can find the video here, or watch below.

Keep an eye on Anchor & Braille’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more news on the new A&B album, which they said would be coming “very soon!”

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