Zahna Releases First Spanish Single

Zahna Underneath Spanish

Zahna released her first Spanish single and music video on Friday. “Lo Mas Oculto En Mi” is the Spanish version of “Underneath,” her first single off her 2018 debut album, Red for War.

In the video description on Youtube, Zahna explains the meaning behind the music video: “The video has a lot of metaphors. The colors black and white represent the choice between good and evil, the blindfolds represent how we are truly blinded to our sinful condition. Black ink represents our sins. The treasure chest is a reference to Matthew 6:21. And I in the mask represent the bad side of us who is ready to reach us when we reject and abandon God for the selfish desires of our hearts. The message of the video is that we can try to hide our sins and secrets from others and ourselves, but whatever happens, it is impossible to hide from the Lord.” (This text has been translated from Spanish.)

Click here to support “Lo Mas Oculto En Mi” and add it to your playlist!

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