New Single, New Sound: “Programmed Mind” by Out of Black

After some silence, followed by cryptic binary clues on their social media, Out of Black is back with a brand new single.

Starting out with a catchy electronic bit before letting the guitars blend in, “Programmed Mind” ushers in hints of a new sound for Out of Black. The music pulls back to allow the vocals to take over for the verses, but heavy guitars are the driving force throughout the chorus.

Powerful lyrics seem to speak to the people who allow themselves to be pressured into being followers instead of embracing their individuality and personal worth:

Come back to reality, ignore the voice of society  
Override your duality, the false validity
Think you're second to none, you're just zeroes and ones
So look up before it's too late”

A mixture of synthesized accents blended with guitar creates an atmosphere to match the digital-age tone of the lyrics. “Programmed Mind” is certainly a single worth listening to, and Out of Black is a band to keep an eye on.

You can find “Programmed Mind” on Spotify.

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