RED Releases New Single “The War We Made”

RED does not disappoint with the newest track off their upcoming album Declaration. It has the signature sound that we’ve come to associate with RED. It is hard-hitting, but has a haunting melody to it that resonates with listeners.

RED’s new single really could not have been released at a better time. Little did they know that the lyrics within the song would literally be speaking to what most of the world is probably feeling just now. Lyrics like, “Am I alone / Am I alright / Am I insane / Am I alive / What does it take to stop waging war with…” These lyrics ring with so much truth about feelings that many deal with: loneliness, self-doubt, safety, security, inner demons.

Preorder options for their new album Declarations can found here. If you want to give their new single a listen, you can find it on Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep an eye on their Facebook and Instagram for more updates on the upcoming album and rescheduled touring info.

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