Matt Sassano Covers Skillet’s “Monster”

It is no small feat to cover one of Skillet’s biggest hits, “Monster.” Matt Sassano successfully delivers his EDM flair to this gritty rock song by Skillet.

Matt keeps some of the elements that make you realize that it is in fact “Monster” that you are listening to, especially the opening guitar runs. The chorus also rings true to the original, but there is enough originality and newness that it does not come off as a copy.

Matt Sassano’s artistry comes through and brings a new perspective to the song. He incorporates some of the gritty vocals that are associated with John Cooper’s voices, but the electronic and synth elements make for an interesting twist.

It was familiar enough that it hooked me, but different enough to love it in a completely new way. It could very well bring new fans to love this song because it isn’t a hard-hitting rock song, but rather an electronic remix.

If you are looking for a fresh take on a classic, give Matt Sassano’s cover of “Monster” a listen on Spotify and Apple Music!

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