Lacey Sturm To Release New Single “The Decree”

Lacey Sturm’s first single from her highly anticipated sophomore solo album is heading to the final mastering stage this weekend and will be released soon to digital outlets.

Lacey and her husband Josh Sturm joined fans live on Instagram and Facebook to talk about the first two singles, which will be heavy rocker “The Decree,” followed by “State Of Me.” Both tunes were debuted while on tour in the fall of 2019.

“The Decree” could be ready this month, but no official release date was given. “Keep up with our socials in the coming weeks to find out,” said Josh Sturm.

After the exciting announcement, the duo played two acoustic songs for the online audience. From her debut solo album Life Screams they played “Rot,” followed by Flyleaf fan favorite “Fully Alive.” If you missed it, it is worth watching the full 49 minute live stream.

Lacey Sturm has been walking through scripture and praying with fans through song every night as part of Reflect Love Back, a devotional series founded by Josh and Lacey Sturm in 2018. In February 2016, Sturm released her debut solo project, Life Screams.

Keep up with Team Lacey by following her on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Learn more about Reflect Love Back at

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