Forsaken Hero Releases Lyric Video for “Love is the Anthem”

Forsaken Hero joined forces with Dan Curry to release “Love is the Anthem.” On April 17th, they released a lyric video for the new song.

Forsaken Hero wanted to team up with Dan Curry to release this song “about the current times we are living in, and how in moments of uncertainty like this current quarantined world, love is stronger than fear, and we want that to be the Anthem and song of our Hearts right now!”

“Love is the Anthem” is a catchy pop/rock track that blends the vocals of Casey and Emily with Dan’s seamlessly. The lyrics speak of hope and triumph in the face of trials and tribulations: “We raise our banners high even in the darkest night / Heart to heart we will endure and win this fight / Love is the anthem when we don’t know what to do / Love is the anthem when we put our trust in you / We are on our knees with lifted hands / Asking you to save us again.”

This song spurred Forsaken Hero to work on a new EP project they are calling Quarantine Tapes. While they are still working on the EP, they’ve shared that each song on the EP will feature a different guest artist who will help cowrite the track as Dan Curry did with “Love is the Anthem.” “Love is the Anthem” will be released to digital outlets on May 1st.

Listen to Forsaken Hero on Spotify and Apple Music.

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