Joey West Announces Victare Watch Endorsement

Joey West of Disciple announced that he has partnered up with Victare Watches with an endorsement deal. He shared that if you visit their site and enter the coupon code “JOEY” at checkout, you will receive 10% off of your order.

The interesting thing Joey is doing with this endorsement is that instead of getting a financial gain from each item purchased using his code code, he decided to put any amount he would gain from this endorsement and send it to Feed the Children. For every watch that is purchased with Joey’s code, shoppers will get 10% off, as well as an additional 10% will be donated to Feed The Children, “in an effort to make sure kids across the US & the world never go to bed hungry.”

Victare is also listed as a sponsor for Joey’s monthly podcast as part of The Rebel Society, Disciple’s Patreon community. This month’s episode is available to the public, and you can see it at

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