Contagion Fest 2020: Virtual Summer Festival Featuring Christian Rock Favorites

The return of live music appears to be on the horizon, but for fans clamoring to experience a large scale event this summer, Contagion Fest may be the next best thing.

Christian Rock X, an Instagram based news outlet, will co-host a two day virtual festival June 19 and 20. According to a post on Instagram, Contagion Fest will be co-hosted by iChristianRock (ICR) and will stream live on YouTube.

“Day one will be streaming Friday, June 19th on ICR’s YouTube channel,” according to the post. “Day two will be streaming Saturday, June 20th, on the official Christian Rock X YouTube channel.”

Headlining day one will be Set For The Fall and Random Hero along with Amongst The Giants, Zahna, and more. Day two headliners will be Gold Frankincense and Myrrh (GFM), The Letter Black, and The Protest.

“More information such as times, schedules, links, and additional special guests will be released in the coming weeks,” so be sure to follow ICR and Christian Rock X on Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube channels.

iChristianRock: Instagram, YouTube
Christian Rock X: Instagram, YouTube


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