Spoken Releases Lyric Video for New Single “Nightmare”

Spoken has released a lyric video alongside their newest single, “Nightmare.” The track is a melodic masterpiece that has Matt Baird’s signature vocals accompanied by recent Spoken addition JR Bareis. The lyrics are a poignant cry, almost a prayer speaking from a worn down place that I think many can relate to in this time of uncertainty and questions.

The chorus rings out, “My faith may become thing but it will never disappear. If I ever wake up from this nightmare I know you’ll be by my side.” This is repeated throughout and is how the song ends, resonating with the listener as a beacon of hope that no matter how much your faith wanes, it will be there. The same with Jesus: even if you feel like you’re living in a nightmare, He will be there by your side.

The verses, lyrically are just as poignant and strong. “I’m trying my best to believe / But sometimes it feels like I’m being pulled under / I’m searching my heart to see / Where my hope is coming from before my life comes undone.” The second verse comes to the resolution: “Your love is revealing the truth / You are where hope is coming from / My life will not come undone.”

The song is something that is reminiscent of Spoken’s melodic and haunting tracks from past albums, like “Sleepless Nights” and “Remember the Memories” from their last album. It is definitely a track that will be a favorite of mine and a favorite of anyone who loves the vocal range of Matt Baird. It is poignant, timely, and refreshing.

Watch the lyric video below.

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