Chains Unchained Festival Announces Livestream Opportunity

If you are missing live music as much as we are and can’t make it to any of the shows that are starting to pop up, Chains Unchained Festival has a live stream opportunity available for fans.

Chains Unchained Festival is a Christian Rock Festival in Aurora, MO happening July 24-25th. They are having their festival in person, but if you can’t make the show or want to see the amazing line-up, you can buy a livestream ticket for $20 at This stream is going to be hosted and produced by Joel Burris and ATD Media, who also produced Disciple’s Love Letter Lockdown livestream.

For your $20 ticket you will be able to watch 15 bands for just $20.

Friday, July 24:
Weapons of God
The Persuaded
Chaotic Resemblance
The Protest

Saturday, July 25:
Sacred Throne
Becoming Sons
Break the Fall
XIII Minutes
Amongst the Giants
Light Up the Darkness
Bred 4 War

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