Switchfoot’s “Fantastic Not Traveling Music Show” offers Fans Additional Live-stream Opportunities

With the prospect of no in-person music opportunities continuing, bands have started to push more livestream opportunities. Switchfoot just finished their first official livestream concert with their annual Bro-Am. At that streamed event, they also announced a new livestream opportunity for fans.

To play off their most recent tour The Fantastic Traveling Music Show, Switchfoot announced that they will be hosting a Fantastic Not Traveling Music Show. These shows will be livestream only, and they have announced their first one for July 25, 2020. A ticket to that stream will be $10.99.

Another exciting opportunity for fans who want access to all the live streams and more exciting content from Switchfoot can do what is called a “Season Pass.” Think of this like a subscription service that will give you access to all future livestreams as well as other content. The “Season Pass” is $8.99 a month. For your monthly subscription, it will include:

  • One Fantastic NOT Traveling Music Show concert per month 
  • One additional monthly stream (this could be a solo show with Jon, a guitar lesson from Drew, a cooking lesson with Chad, even a live tour of the studio)
  • Access to exclusive Pass Holder Merch + a 10% discount in the store
  • FIRST ACCESS to future tour tickets when Switchfoot hits the road again

To purchase tickets to the next livestream concert, sign up for the season pass, or buy Fantastic Not Traveling Music Show merch, go to Switchfoot’s website.

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