Skillet Announces Victorious: The Aftermath and releases “Terrify the Dark: Reimagined”

Skillet has released several “reimagined” version of songs off of their album Victorious. Their most recent single is “Terrify the Dark: Reimagined.”

The original track was already a more mellow track with a heavier drum and guitar tracking underneath, with John’s vocals coming through stronger. The “reimagined” version is more melodic, with the addition of Jen Ledger’s vocals throughout mingling beautifully with John’s. There are also more symphonic, classical elements, with stringed instruments to make for a softer, ethereal sound.

With the release of “Terrify the Dark: Reimagined,” Skillet announced a deluxe edition of Victorious. This new release will be titled Victorious: The Aftermath, releasing on September 11, 2020. They have several bundles on their website and have also paired the album release with the release of their second graphic novel, Eden II: The Aftermath. You can find the presale bundles on their online store.

Listen to “Terrify the Dark: Reimagined” and watch the lyric video below.

Keep up with Skillet on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify.

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