Disciple Releases “Darkness Dies”

Disciple released a new track off their upcoming deluxe edition of Love Letter Killshot, which is releasing September 18, 2020 on digital platforms. The Deluxe Edition will have three new tracks total. You can pre-save LLKS: The Deluxe Edition on your streaming platform of choice here.

If “Darkness Dies” is any indication of what we will get with the other two new songs on the Deluxe Edition, then these tracks may be new fan favorites. Although you’d never guess from hearing it, these bonus tracks were completed during the current COVID-19 quarantine. Each member recorded their respective parts from their own homes, and the songs were then sent to be mixed. “Darkness Dies” was produced by Disciple guitarists Josiah Prince and Andrew Stanton.

“Darkness Dies” is an amazing track that has a unique sound as well as powerful lyrics. The intro will literally hook you with its symphonic and synth sounds paired with Kevin Young’s familiar powerhouse vocals. Joey West’s drums are a driving force throughout, and some great guitar riffs come in on the chorus.

The track was written by Kevin, Josiah, and Joey. The song lyrically is a hopeful rock anthem that is truly a light when the world needs it. It speaks to those in that desperate place just looking for a way out of the darkness and needing someone, anyone, to be there.

I know you need healing, you’re looking at me with
A heart that is broken deeper than my words can dive
You say that you want love, endless and true love
I’ve got the solution if you’re really listening

There is also something for those who feel the need to fix people, when trying to be their savior becomes too much of a burden to bear. The fact is that you can’t save people, but you can be there for them and show them the light.

I’m not your savior, I’m just a man
And I’ll let you down if you give me the chance
I can’t pick you up when you’re feeling like nothing
But I’ll give you something
I can show you the light till the darkness dies

Stream “Darkness Dies” on Spotify and Apple Music. You can purchase the song and stream it also on Amazon Music.

You can also listen to the track on Youtube below!


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