Jen Ledger Shines A Light In Darkness Through Kenosha Mural

In the midst of a difficult and deeply challenging situation in Kenosha, Wisconsin that has been in the headlines nationally, Skillet drummer and vocalist Jen Ledger is doing her part to shine a light in an otherwise dark situation.

According to a post on the Ledger social media pages, “I learned from our community today that though the world wants us mad and full of hate for each other, there is a large group of people choosing to stand up to it,” Jen Ledger said. “A large group of people choosing to speak differently, react differently, reach out differently, and love differently.”

The group painted a beautifully masterful and artful series of murals quoting John 1:5: “The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

Ledger goes on to say that “we were able to join with a unified group of Kenosha churches to pray for our city. I am filled with hope and faith that this darkness will only make His light shine brighter, this bitterness will make the Truth taste sweeter, and this pain will allow the world to see our need for the One and Only Cure.”

Jen Ledger was joined in the effort by Skillet bandmate Korey Cooper and others in the painting of the John 1:5 murals.

Stories like these, of people coming together and demonstrating true love, are not capturing national headlines, but it is important that we share the positive work and unifying forces of love and purpose that are taking place.

You can keep up with Ledger, her ministry, artistic and musical endeavors by following her band on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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