Moving Forward: ‘Another Man’s Treasure’ by I Am Empire

I Am Empire is back with an EP of never-before-heard songs from the Anchors sessions, plus a few acoustic versions of tunes from the Kings era.

Introduced with some classic harmonizing riffs, “Airwaves” is a welcome trip right back to the peak of guitar-driven rock. The zealous vocals of Austin Lyons are beautifully complemented by the guitar leads, all held together by the driving backdrop of drums and bass. “Airwaves” is a timeless anthem of persistence:

Airwaves, fly me away
You know who you are, don't ignore it
Airwaves, fly me away
I am who I am and I know what I want
Don't say
We have no way
Don't say
This is no way to survive”

“Clever Nightmare” is a straight-up pop-punk jam, complete with a signature Andrew Stanton guitar solo. Clever leads dance behind the celestial chorus while letting vocals take the stage during the verses. The lyrics are a battle cry of standing together against the darkness of dissension:

Danger, Danger
Makes an awful sound
Danger, Danger
Stick together now
I think we owe this to ourselves
What grace could save us from this hell?”

In a step away from I Am Empire’s usual guitar-heavy hard rock, “On A Rainy Sunday” is a pensive love song. The first verse is backed by an organ before the rest of the band joins in to add depth reminiscent of a worship tune.

Another Man’s Treasure finishes with refreshing acoustic takes of old favorites. “Foxhole” and “You’re a Fake” are stripped down to lead vocals and a rich acoustic guitar, showcasing emotion and talent that can only be conveyed in a minimalist setting.

I Am Empire has been missed throughout their several years of silence. This may not be a full-fledged comeback, but it’s equally exciting. Although recorded nearly a decade ago, Another Man’s Treasure reverberates perseverance, unity, and peace that inspires the strength to keep moving forward despite the somber atmosphere of 2020.

You can listen to Another Man’s Treasure on Spotify and Apple Music.

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