Beautycore Is Taking Over: A Review of GFM’s Latest EP

Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh (commonly referred to as GFM) released a new EP titled Operation Take Over on September 4. The band has labeled their genre “beauty core,” a mixture of hard rock and metal played exclusively by women. What GFM sisters CJ, Maggie, and Lulu are able to do never ceases to impress, and Operation Take Over is no exception.

The EP shows off the band’s heavier side on songs like “Bones” and “Taking Over.” Heavy, distorted guitars and Maggie’s screams are in the forefront throughout the verses. Other songs like “S M I L E” and “I Don’t Wanna Lose My Friends” are lighter, more melodious, and give off a pop/rock vibe. These songs include chants that match with the girls’ popular cheerleading theme and onstage persona at shows.

Lyrically, the EP is quite diverse. “Selfish” confesses the effects of living selfishly: “So selfish / So psycho / I don’t know where my mind goes / Forgive me / I’m sorry / I don’t know where I lost control / But I lost control / And I lost everything I’ve ever known / I’m alone because this / My name is Selfish.” Ultimately, it pushes towards victory: “I’m gonna win this fight / Against me, myself, and I.”

“I Don’t Need Your Fantasy” inspires towards embracing who you are and living your life free of others’ expectations: “Not gonna change, gonna change for anything / This is my life, my voice / You can’t take it away.” Meanwhile, “I Don’t Wanna Lose My Friends” is very down-to-earth and youthful, with CJ reminiscing and singing about the benefits of having friends alongside you on life’s journey: “You take away all the negativity / All the drama and all the misery / Yeah you make it ok / I don’t wanna lose my friends.” This song is just as much about family as it is friends, and it seems safe to say the GFM sisters are both.

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